CV8107 Infrastructure Asset Management

Dr. Arnold Yuan is going to offer a new graduate course titled ‘Infrastructure Asset Management’ in Fall 2015.¬† The course materials will be delivered on the new learning and teaching system D2L, instead of Blackboard, which is being phased out at Ryerson.

In this course, we will discuss the framework, concepts, skills and methods used for infrastructure asset management. Topics to be discussed include system analysis, lifecycle costing, decision making under uncertainty, demand forecasting, performance measure and monitoring, inspection technologies, condition assessment, deterioration modeling and lifetime prediction, maintenance and rehabilitation optimization, prioritization and programming, innovative project delivery, and project and program management. Case studies and industrial guest lectures on designated asset classes (transportation and municipal water and wastewater infrastructure) will be introduced to enhance the integration of the topics.

The major references are:

About the Instructor

Joining Ryerson in 2008, Dr. Yuan is currently an associate professor working in the broad area he calls it risk-informed lifecycle infrastructure engineering, or rilcie. Research themes cover from engineering design to project management, from nuclear power plants to pavements, from building structures to sewers. Down to the fundamental research problems, Dr. Yuan is interested in understanding how we can better management deterioration in infrastructure systems. He was appointed in 2014 the founding Director of Ryerson Institute for Infrastructure Innovation.

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