A Recipe for MEng Students Hoping to Specialize in Infrastructure Management

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Currently the Civil Engineering Graduate Program has four fields[1], namely, environmental, geometric, structural, and transportation engineering.  The structural engineering field also includes materials, geotechnical engineering, and construction management.  Many do not understand, however, that there has been a burgeoning research and practice field called infrastructure management, or infrastructure asset management.  If you are currently an MEng student, or want to apply for MEng at Ryerson, below is a recipe for your Program of Study:

Core Courses

  • CV8102 Advanced Construction Management
  • CV8107 Infrastructure Asset Management
  • CV8311 Risk and Reliability for Eng
  • CV8505 GIS for Civil Engineering

General Elective Courses

  • CV8105 Contract Administration and Management
  • CV8501 Adv Geospatial Info Systems
  • CV8507 Satellite Remote Sensing of Urban Areas
  • MB8004 Acctng
  • MB8005 Finance
  • MB8006 Economics
  • MB8007 Principles of Management
  • MB8305 Organizational Dsgn and Theory
  • MB8715 Decision Models for Managers
  • MT8220 Advanced Project Management
  • PA8100 Public Administration & Governance
  • PA8206 Urban Governance
  • PA8207 Public Sector Financial Management
  • PL8103 Finance and Local Governance
  • PL8105 Planning for Sustainability
  • PL8309 Urban Investments

Specialized Elective Courses

Depending upon your background and/areas you wish to grow, you may choose

Building/Facilities/Structures Management:

  • CV8303 Renovation/Repair of Existing Structures
  • CV8306 Durability of Structures
  • AR8215 How Buildings Work
  • AR8220 Sustainable Ratings Systems
  • BL8101 Building Envelope Systems
  • BL8215 Building Envelope Restoration
  • BL8204 Building Performance Simulation/Modeling
  • BL8207 Building Performance Assessment
  • BL8214 Life Cycle Assessment
  • MB8506 Real Estate Finance

Transportation Systems Management:

  • CV8403 Transportation Planning
  • CV8405 Pavement Design and Management
  • CV8409 Urban Transport Systems
  • PL8315 Transportation Planning

Environmental Systems Management:

  • CV8205 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • CV8206 Water Resources System Analysis
  • CV8207 Waste Management
  • PL8317 Environmental Planning

For students who are dedicated to do research in infrastructure asset management, the following research-oriented courses can be considered:

  • CE8139 Probability, Stats. & Stochastic Processes
  • CE8140 Statistics for Engineering
  • CE8213 Advanced Numerical Methods
  • EE8103 Random Processes
  • EE8120 Applied Optimization Techniques
  • EE8301 Linear System Theory
  • ME8120 Introduction to Operations Research
  • ME8124 Multiple Participant/Objective Dec. Making
  • ME8127 Optimization Models
  • ME8128 Prob. Models in Operations Research
  • ME8131 Simulation of Industrial Systems
  • ME8132 Sequencing and Scheduling
  • ME8139 Mech. Engineering: Probability, Stats. & Stochastic Processes
  • ME8140 Simulation Theory & Methodology
  • ME8144 Advanced Reliability Modelling
  • MT8513 Intro to Operations Research
  • PA8101 Policy Analysis & Challenges
  • PA8202 Comparative Public Policy
  • PA8209 Changing Boundaries: The Third Sector

[1] http://www.ryerson.ca/graduate/programs/civil_engineering/ProgramInformation/

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